About Us

Born from the need for an Earth Conscious sanitary product, EACO provides a solution that is affordable, comfortable and most importantly eco-friendly.

What We Believe

As a local South African SME, EaCo champions green methods through its ethos, business practices and products. With the corporate and NGO sectors becoming increasingly focused on the environment, EaCo is created on the principles of keeping up with the upkeep of the ecosystem. 

The female-owned company hopes to alleviate the plight of young women that are stripped of their basic right to education, sanitation and safety. 

In order to achieve this, EaCo aims to assist Corporate CSR managers, Non-Profit Organisations and the like to carry out their tasks with ease by providing a highly effective, competitive and sustainable product that will alleviate the struggles of many young women.

Our Company

Earth Conscious is a women-owned company that seeks to provide females with a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to sanitary pads. We seek to enrich the lives of girls and women in South Africa by exercising social and ethical responsibility in every aspect of our work—from where we source our products through to our supply chain, and our social outreach initiatives. 


Our Team

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Tazmin Motani



Zahraa Kazee


“As advocates of empowerment: women, earth and business, we aim to maintain the upkeep of women’s right to dignity, the earth’s right to preservation and the empowerment and working together of local businesses – this for us was the start of our EACO journey.” 

“The greatest gift that future generations can inherit is an untarnished earth that is able to sustain and promote healthy living and growth. As custodians of our beautiful earth we have the responsibility to prioritize, nurture and preserve its bounty. Together we can go a long way in protecting Mother Nature..”